In the Athletics at Benfeild school  year 3/4 came first out of all of them,the sports we did were 400 metre long run,50 metre short distance,howler throw and jumping

people,Lewis G,Francesca j,Shay,Josh w,Jesse A,Koby K,Jonny C,Milly and Scarlot.


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Future Bond

Hi guys today I’m going to tell you about another dance class I got in called Future Bond! In the Christmas holidays I tried out for a babe squad of Futre Bond.In the audition we had to learn a dance from hairspray,that was quite hard,but we all did it well.Near the end of the audition they got us all to do the splits but the way they taught us to do it was quite strange!after that the parents came in to watch our hairspray dance everyone was called up by numbers to do it.A couple of weeks later my mum got a text from Miss Jill(our dance teacher) saying me and my sister got in to Future Bond we were so excited we screamed the whole way home!So now me and my sister do Future Bond every Saturday! Yours sincerely Holly.

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The maze runner

The maze runner is a movie when this guy gets trapped in the middle of a giant stone maze and every night the maze starts to changes. In side of the maze they are giant spiders. In the end of   the maze runner they all got past the maze in sept of one guy who staid in the middle of the maze and all the people who got past the maze went into a plane.

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Hi it faith and today I am going to be talking about my club BSBB that I am doing so let’s get started

BSBB                                                                                                           BSBB stands for Burns School Of Blackbelts and me, LilyL and HollyM. We all do it and it was my first club club I done and I stare when I was 4 I love it and I go every Monday and Tuesday sometimes Wednesday and I know some of you are to know that what belt belt I am well I am a brown and one stripe white  I got 3 more belts to my black belt and I am really really scared.LilyL and HollyM are a yellow belt.


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Magic Door

If you could open a magic door that would bring you to anywhere at any time, where would you go and why? Explain your answer.

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Spanish Trip

Hi its Ava again and Y3/4F went to a Spanish restaurant but before that we went on the metro and it was a bumpy ride I went up down up and back down. Finally we got of the train and walked all the way to Laing Art Gallery and we seen lots of paintings I was with Allana, Lucy, Annilie and Allanas mum. After we looked at the paintings we looked at Pablo Picassos most famous painting the Weeping Woman it is a crying woman with a tissue and in class we learnt the blue period the cubism and the rose period. Then we walked to the restaurant first I had bread garlic dip Then I had meat balls witch were lovely. After I had the meat balls I had paella witch is rice but I hated it and I then I tried cheese balls. I didn’t like that but I had 2 glasses of orange juice the salad was great. Then we walked back to the metro and got on back to school Allana started laughing her head of because I fell up the stairs even I was laughing. then when we got at school we had 5 minutes play outside.



Do you like School Trips?

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Ten Pieces

For our topic this term , key stage 2 have been getting involved with the BBC ten pieces project. Each class selected a piece of classical music and used it as a stimulus for writing, performance or producing a piece of art. The piece of music year3/f chose was the fantastic and powerful ‘Storm’ composed by Benjamin Britten.

The children used Nearpod to listen to the music and to write down how it made them feel. Then we looked into the composer and how his life influenced the composing of ‘Storm’. The children then produced some incredible 3d art showing what it would be like to be at sea during a storm.

Finally, they used PicCollage to act out how they would feel if there stuck in a storm and edited photos to show this. Overall it was an excellent experience for all involved and this is shown in the video below.

Mr. Flood

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Spanish restaurant

My favourite part about the restaurant is when we tasted the wedges and the hot sauce the funniest part  is when Ben spilt his drink it was very funny.

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School trip

On Thursday we  went on a school trip to a Spanish restaurant I tried some of the food but I did not like some of the food. On the metro to go to the Spanish restaurant well befor that we went to the laing art gallery to see the weeping woman ant you had to write down on a sheet of paper what you noticed about the weeping woman. Then we walked to the Spanish restaurant and we had to walk up and down hills it was very tiring. On the way back it was funny because Ava fell up the stairs. The trip was really fun.

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Why iPads are important

I love the iPads its the easy way to learn here are some examples of some iPad rules:never hit or slam the iPad,be responsible and make smart learning choises when using the iPad,share the iPad nicley with others.I love using every app on the iPad especialy code able and sketch nation. It is fun, fun, fun. At home my mum was on the phone to my dad and she was on my iPad calender and my dad was on his ipad he did a magic trick from his house. He put at dads house one night and it came up on my iPad screen! It was really fun.

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